Blue Cave, White Nest



In an ever-evolving technological world, one’s focus and engagement is increasingly concerned with the virtual. In my view, the very physicality and presence of architecture provides a useful stabilising anchor as a countermeasure to the virtual realm. This design seeks to express this and transcend the restrictions of scale, program and budget. The project uses a modest client brief (add two bedrooms with en-suite to an existing apartment loft volume) in order to create a space that can provide a spiritual anchoring for a much travelled family with teenaged children. The symbolism of permanence, anchoring and gravitas became an important factor in our design thinking. 


A curvilinear vessel of space (the blue cave) finished in a haze-blue venetian plaster houses the bedrooms as quiet retreats. Light falls through the spouts on the caves.

The linear white storage wall (white nest) glossily white and sleek, houses multiple functions: office, ‘garage’, storage, reading niche, bar niche and a small happy army of seating and storage mobiles.

Blue Cave, White Nest

Melbourne, 2013


Architect: Katsieris Origami: Architecture & Urbanism

Builder: Ducon Constructions

Engineer: van der Meer Consulting

Photography: Shannon McGrath