The project was to develop a strategy to guide Council’s own investment in cultural infrastructure and to prioritise investment by the private sector, through development contributions.

Through extensive consultation, we quantified the growing local demand for cultural product including visual and performing arts and craft making and to profile the venue characteristics needed to support the arts industry. The study included a city-wide cultural assets audit of private and publicly-owned venues and identified existing venues that could meet much of this demand.  

We created a cultural hierarchy to guide the Strategic Land Use Plan and profiled the projects appropriate for contributions by developers. A community grants program to assist organisations hire non-council venues and access regional facilities particularly for the limited number of large events with audiences of 600+.

Council was able to save over $20millon by not proceeding with it plans build, own and operate a 1,000 seat theatre.

Client: City of Ryde NSW

Project partner: Deborah Mills & Associates.